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Wolfie Dreams is a book. A damn relatable one, written by four people from different sides of the globe. We squished squishy stories together, sprinkled in a few poems and BAM. We got a story about saving a kitty in the modern day, a story about how cool the internet can be, a story about a girl and her grandmothers advice and a story about moving to brisbane.

Below are a few snippets from this cute but dark little book:


A story of damnation, redemption and back again. Revenge can only damn yourself. The main character is so set on revenge that he loses sight of what he has become. In the process he becomes a demon and only when looking in the mirror does he realize he only has himself to blame.

"I cannot acquiesce to you,

Your soul's not yours to tout."

No one owns your soul but you. You cannot trade it…but you can destroy it.

Got Game

Ever had your wildest dreams play out? Ever thought those moments in movies couldn't possibly be real? Yeah well, unlike santa claus and leprechauns, some people are magic.

Wolfie finds a Cat

Everyone loves cats. Cats are amazing, cute little feline fuzz-balls from furball town that just know how to make shitty days better. Dive into these stories to see just how much more human kitty's can be compared to real people.

Ali Diaries

Strong women aren't born, they are forged in quests to kill Aries. They are the sum of their experiences and they are the born from fire. Find out what it takes to beat your demons and sail into the sunset time and time again.

L for Labyrinth

Finding friends is difficult. Not everyone you meet has pure intentions. Sometimes you do things on a whim that means more than it should. That disparity is documented here.

All in all Wolfie Dreams is a trip that needs to be experienced with a cup of coco (or a glass of scotch) before bed. It's the feel of the paper between your fingers, the suspense before the turn of the page. Its reading and re-reading a story in the rain with your kitty cat. It's just something you need. Wolfie Dreams is a cute little indie book that will sit well in any collection.

About the Authors

Jai Reddy is the creator of Bantaa91. He has moved around a fair bit but calls Brisbane home. He has been called many things but idealist, entrepreneur, artist and 'that guy' are the ones that stick best.

Wolfie Dreams is his first venture into publishing and a finished product that he believes is worth your attention.

James Shuttleworth is an English teacher from Brisbane, Australia. In 2013, he moved to China where he gained significant inspiration for his writing.

He has now published several collections of his own poetry and is publishing group collections as well.
Shareen Ali tells stories. During her downtime she found the time to pen a couple of stories to share with us.Saranya Murugiah is a teacher from Malaysia that moved to brisbane to study teaching at QUT. It not all rainbows and butterflies however as her friends and family back home sometimes make it out to be.

Now we think the Hard-cover is the best way to enjoy these stories, the soft-cover has the exact same content but does not feel or look as good in the hand. If that is still too steep, we also have available an interactive $2.99 e-book (which you can purchase following that link). The e-book is available as soon as you checkout and is the fastest way to get your hands on this book. If however you want to play detective, there is a disjointed version of the stories that appear in this book available for you to try and piece together.

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