The Dry Man: Descent to Madness (3)

Have you seen the dry man?
He’s stronger than you know.
I warn you to appreciate,
the power he will show.

I thought I could control him;
unaware what loomed.
I tried to send him back but no,
instead I find I’m doomed.

Agrandised, I close my eyes,
he’s everywhere I look.
He comes here now with gnarled grey hands,
to take back what I took.

Do not underestimate him,
by his simple ways.
Don’t make the same mistake as I,
don’t get lost in his maze.

Through all of this one thought remains,
that fills me with pure dread.
I’m left without a choice but end,
and join the newly dead.

This slow descent to madness,
has taken up my life.
All along was that the point,
to end it with a knife?

Do you hear the silence?
Do you dare speak his name?
If reading this then it’s too late,
you’re playing now his game.

He’s here…