The Dry Man: Origins

Have you seen the dry man?
He once was just like you.
He read aloud those dreaded words,
ignored the warning too.

But do you know his story;
his origins unheard?
I’ll tell you if you swear to me,
you will not be deterred.

It all began as stories do,
with hope and bliss and love.
He thought he’d found his counterpart,
to lift him up above.

Alas such dreams were not to be,
for reasons best unsaid.
What matters most is that he felt
his love had been misled.

The loss he felt, it broke his heart;
the pain too much to bare.
So overwhelmed by tragedy,
no longer could he care.

Was then a silent wish he made
to be at peace once more.
Willing to give up his all,
he delved forbidden lore.

Do you understand it yet,
and what is now at stake?
Do you feel that raking itch,
that haunts you as you wake?

Too late.