The Streets- Can’t Con an Honest John

So there I was googling away trying to find that annoyingly catchy streets track that told a story about a silly little prank that went three levels deep.

I found this instead:

It’s a great little story about a barman trying to sell a dog that he thinks is worth a pretty penny. Thing is, dog is stolen and not worth very much.

This awesome little video is based off a song by the streets called “Can’t Con an Honest John”. The album this appears on is called ‘the hardest way to make an easy living’, which is fitting. Here’s a link to the original (annoyingly catchy) track:

You see if the barman was honest, he would not have gotten swindled. He would have made whatever he would have off the 2 pints of beer he sold but he got greedy. Greed is the route to bad decisions.